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CS-250EU Baileigh Cold Saw

Price:  $1,995.00

European Style Manual Cold Saw

Standard Features:

  • 3" OD Capacity
  • Miters 45degrees Left and Right
  • 110 V, 60Hz
  • Accepts 10" Blades.
  • Single speed 54RPM
  • Motor 1 HP.
  • Max vise Opening 4"
  • Made in Taiwan

The CS-250-EU is a manually operated 10� circular cold saw that is well constructed for medium grade production seen in most small fabrication shops. This machine has a steel stand that houses the cold saw base that is constructed of cast iron. The cast iron machine is very rigid when cutting at maximum capacity, this extends blade live and decreases cycle times.

Like all EU series of cold saws, this one only requires 110 volts of power so it can run in almost any fabrication shop imaginable. Also perfect for going to remote job sites. The CS-250-EU can miter cut 45 degrees left or right making it a good choice for cutting angle iron, tubing, or channel. It has a taper lock adjustment on the vise for quick changes of material, and has support for both sides of the cut to extend blade life. A stop rod is standard for repeatable cuts every time.

The CS-250-EU circular cold saw comes standard with proper guarding, a 250mm blade, and a coolant system for cooling the blade and washing away chips. This is a manual machine which means the operator loads the machine, clamps the material, and engages the machine by pressing a trigger switch while feeding the blade through the material. This is a reasonable machine for most metal artists, chassis builders, industrial shop classes and much more.

Max. Blade Diameter 10"
Operation Manual
Head Miter 45� Left / 45� Right
Round Solid at 45� 1.2"
Square Tube at 45� 2.2" x 2.2"
Round Tube at 45� 3"
Rectangle Tube at 45� 2.4" x 2"
Round Solid at 90� 1.2"
Rectangle Tube at 90� 2.5" x 2"
Square Tube at 90� 2.5" x 2.5"
Round Tube at 90� 3"
Coolant System Yes
Vice Style Single Action with Cam Lock
Max. Vice Opening 4"
Head Style Pivot
Arbor Size 1.26"
Blade Speed 54 (rpm)
Power 110V
Shipping Weight 425 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 60" x 44" x 48"



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