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EB 76 3 Axis Erco Bender

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Key Features

  • Mild steel tube capacity 3" (.079 wall)
  • Stainless tube capacity 3" (.065 wall)
  • Square tube capacity 2" (.065 wall)
  • Maximum pipe capacity 1½" Sch. 40
  • Automatic or manual bend sequencing
  • Independent pressure and clamp die adjustment
  • Programmable carriage movement for tight radii
  • Standard right hand bending direction
  • Interactive PLC touch screen offers easy access to auto and manual operating modes, system diagnostics and multiple language capability
  • Programmable material springback settings for each bend angle
  • USB for unlimited program memory storage and communication
  • Displays absolute (ABS) or incremental (INC) positioning with inch or metric readout
  • Accepts YBC and XYZ input values

Obtain quality repeatable bends in steel, stainless, aluminum, titanium and brass with Ercolina's Erco Bender 76 Mandrel Bender. Ercolina's model EB76 – 3 Axis mandrel bender has an extended bending head capable of bending complex shapes and profiles.

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